Legend of Zelda Sprites

Welcome to legendofzeldasprites!

  It's nice to have you here.  I am making as many sprites from as many Zelda games in LttP style as I can.  The goal is to sprite everything in all the games, in addition to custom sprites for you.  I have decided to post one sprite sheet per week (likely on Friday sometime) just so I don't end up overloaded, especially with school just around the bend.  I intend to stick to this schedule throughout the year as best as I can.  There will be some times that I will post extra sprites, and occasionally I may miss a week.

  If there is a specific sprite sheet that you are looking for from A Link to the Past, and the Sprites topic in the forum does not say I am working on it, please request it in the forum.  Feel free to comment on the sprites, but be sure to do it in the forum, because I will not often be checking for comments on the actual pictures.  Also, if you are looking for something from Ocarina of Time, you may request those too, although I may not get to it right away.

Regarding the forum: Sprites will tell you what I am currently working on and what I have recently finished.  Requests is where you tell me what sprites you want me to make, and then I make them for you.  Comments is where you leave comments on my sprites.  Does this sound like Navi, or is it just me?

The sooner you request sprites, the sooner I can make what you want.  Also, to be fair, only request one thing at a time.  You aren't the only member that I want to please!  So be sure to give the others a chance to make requests.

I look forward to making sprites for you.  Be sure to check back weekly so you can stay updated!  And if you don't want to log in to the site every week to see what I've done, check my Facebook page to stay on top of what I'm working on and what I've finished.  (On Facebook, just type in Legendofzeldasprites - capital L, no spaces).